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Job Offers

Navigational Watch Rating

Ideal candidate

Certificate of proficiency
Basic Safety Training
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat (other than fast rescue boat)
Fast rescue boat
Advanced firefighting
Seafarers with designated security duties
H2S awareness course
Basic offshore safety & emergency training / FOET + OLF supplement
Dangerous goods by air (CAA)
Helideck operation initial training (HO IT)
HDA helideck emergency response team member
HDA & helideck emergency response team member further training (HDA & HERTM FT)
Helicopter refueling (HR)

Responsabilities / Benefits

Responsibilities of a look-out, including reporting the approximate bearing of a sound signal, light or other object in degrees or points
Keep a proper look-out by sight and hearing

Company Description

We are a 100% professional job agency, promoted and created by entrepreneurs and professionals in counseling and human resources. Our focus is to invest in core labor: men and women. Thanks to a specialized consultancy platform, we can offer customers from any industry great strategic support and full assistance over time.
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