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Our mission is to support companies completing search and selection process faster and more efficient thanks to our approach focused on:

  • Understanding the essence of the customer company in order to adapt to the latest workforce trends and to provide accurate information about the company to the selected candidates.
  • Determining job profiles for the open positions (hierarchical order, responsibilities, job specifics, objectives, performance parameters, wages and benefits).
  • Defining desired candidate profiles (training, experience, certification, competencies, psycho-behavioral profiles.
  • Filtering potential candidates from multiple sources: Lifein Job database social networks, job postings, job fair participation, our network of academic or professional contacts, NGOs etc).
  • Attracting the filtered candidates and assessing them through a mix of methods that combines, accordingly, psychometric testing, work tests, structured and/or situational interviews.
  • Providing a shortlist of the most suitable candidates including, for each of them, an assessment report that forms the basis for the final selection.
  • Assisting the customer in the decision-making process and, on demand, presenting the job offer to each of the selected candidates.

Deciding to outsource recruitment and selection to LifeIn Job brings benefits:

  • Reduce the fixed and recurrent costs of recruitment and selection.
  • Complement internal capacity and cope with peak periods.
  • Access to modern instruments without expensive investments.
  • Full cost control thanks to a clear price structure.
  • Free replacement of the candidate recruited within the guarantee period.
  • Reduce the HR burden and focus on more strategic issues.

As unique strong point: we can provide Italian candidates/specialists to work in Romania thanks to the close cooperation with Life In Spa.

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