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Temporary staffing solutions

The main advantage of using temporary staff (temporary employment assignment) is the ability to cope with the peaks and troughs of workloads and to respond to the new competencies required within the company.

Lifein Job supports your temporary employment needs with the following services:

  • Staff hiring in accordance with all legal procedures concerning: temporary employment agreements, staff files, time sheets, salary calculation and payment, compensation package management, submission of tax forms, labor medical examination, health and safety training.
  • Efficient handling of employee issues such as: extension of the temporary employment assignment, issuing of certificates, breaches of discipline etc.
  • Rapid replacement of unavailable staff.
  • Re-employing the temporary staff in a new temporary assignment for other Customers or, according to the case, terminating the temporary agreements.
  • Regular and transparent employment cost reporting in conformity with the Customer’s demands.

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