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  • What to Include in Your Curriculum Vitae:
  • Personal details.
  • Education and qualifications.
  • Work experience: Career history is presented in reverse date order starting with most recent.
  • Skills: Include computer skills and (genuine) foreign language skills.
  • Hobbies and Interests.
  • Referees.
  • A good CV shouldn’t cover more than two pages.
  • Customize your CV: Create a custom CV will take more time, but it’s worth, highlight your achievements, personality attributes and previous work experience to make easier to find the relevant informations.
  • Include a covering letter with your CV: In the covering letter you should provide detailed information on why are you are qualified for the job and explains the reasons for your interest in the company.
  • Make your CV interesting The best way is to show what you have done with your skills, show off the result you obtained thanks to those skill.
  • What you should NEVER include in CV:
  • Don’t use colloquial language.
  • Do not attach photograph (unless specifically requested).
  • Do not mention your last salary.
  • Do not include the reason why you leave your last job.

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