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Students themselves asked us to assist them in finding a job therefore we’ve signed many contracts with employers to help them for getting jobs. The transition from student life to professional life (in the country or abroad) can be daunting. Moreover, searching for a job can be a long adventure and gradually discouraged by others, but also full of challenges and hope. To make this transition easier should you consider what we can offer you and why you need to come to a quick success.

Time management: is crucial on the path to a successful career, therefore we provide training containing:

  • Time management techniques.
  • Time management tools.

Communication efficiency: because communication is one of the most complex features of humans:

  • Effective vs. efficient communication.
  • Models of communication.
  • Most important features of effective communication.

Work ethics: explore the importance of making ethical decisions, as individuals and as employees; while some situations can be managed by determining what is legal or illegal, personal traits that define character help people to choose to behave ethically:

  • Ethics in job hunting.
  • Confronting dilemmas at work place.
  • Ethics from the leading position.
  • Ethics under pressure.

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